Quality of life

Lake City's Quality of Life

Lake City is a well-run municipality where citizens enjoy reasonable tax rates and first-rate services. The community provides a high quality of life in a small town atmosphere, while also offering conveniences you look for in larger cities and activities you seek out in vacation destinations. This page highlights some of the exceptional things Lake City has to offer its residents and visitors!

Lake City offers excellence in both public and private education. The Lake City Public Schools serve more than 1200 students drawn from a 195 square mile area, serving more than 95 percent of the Lake City student body.


Lake City Public Schools focus student learning around the four Cs - creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication – essential elements to success whether students go on to higher education or start careers in manufacturing or the trades. From robotics to athletics to the arts to mathematics, the Lake City schools strive to build well-rounded students ready to contribute their skills and talents when they graduate.


In addition to traditional classroom delivery of knowledge, the Lake City Public Schools are committed to ensuring our students are ready for today’s fast-paced world by providing current technology to enhance our students’ learning experiences. The E21 iPad initiative began in the 2012-13 school year to give each 9th-grade high school student access to an iPad for classroom and home learning. This 1:1 iPad program grew each year, and today all students in grades 7 to 12 have 1:1 access to an iPad. In September 2015, the 1:1 iPad program was expanded to all middle school students as well.


Through the Lake City Public School system, Community Education opportunities are available. These opportunities include both Youth and Adult Enrichment classes and activities.


In addition to traditional school funding, the Independent School District 813 is supported by the Lake City Education Foundation funded by local businesses and individuals which provides financial resources for supplementary projects such as the creation of innovation laboratories and leadership training.


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Lake City Community Education

Cub Care & Tiger Time


Operated through Lake City Community Education, Cub Care is an extension of the public preschool program that offers before and/or after-school preschool child care, and child care on non-school days. A child must be enrolled in the preschool program to attend Cub Care.


Similarly, Tiger Time is a school-age child care program for elementary students whose parents are unable to be at home with them during non-school hours.


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Lake City Childcare Association


The Lake City Childcare Association was started to provide local training and networking opportunities to licensed providers. If you are a parent looking for access to child care, you can contact the Association for referrals and open spots with local providers.


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Lake City Area Arts


Lake City Area Arts is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the arts in the Southeastern Minnesota region, and provides the Lake City community with a wide variety of arts experiences for everyone!


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Community Bike Program

The City of Lake City operates a free bicycle program during the summer months, available to all community members. This program was created to provide access to recreational opportunities in the community and encourage an active lifestyle.

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Public Parks


The community of Lake City has a great variety of parks and recreational opportunities available for all users and interests. These include bike routes, hiking trails, pickleball courts, camping opportunities, beaches, a splash pad, playground equipment, and open fields.


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Water Activities


There are world-class sailing opportunities, sandy beaches, the best fishing in Southeastern Minnesota, and endless water sports activities available on Lake Pepin. You can rent or bring your own watercraft to take advantage of Lake City’s water access!


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O’Neil Swimming Pool


The O’Neil Swimming Pool is Lake City’s public swimming pool. It is open during the summer months, and season passes are available for purchase.


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Lake City Public Library


The Lake City Public Library serves the residents of Lake City and the surrounding area. As a member of SELCO, the regional library system, they have access to items from all libraries in Southeastern Minnesota. In addition to traditional check-out items, the Library offers internet access and special events.


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Community Gardens


The Community Garden project began in 2009 and was augmented with a grant from Horizon Milling and Cargill Corporation to help feed the community in difficult times. The land is owned by the City and water is provided on-site and donated by the City. There are a total of 61 plots available for interested gardeners.


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Market by the Lake


Market by the Lake is the local farmers market that runs from June through September and provides access to local produce, baked goods, jams, honey, food vendors, live music, kids activities, and information tables from local organizations. They accept EBT cards and credit or debit cards!


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