Industry Wages

Current Industry Wages in Southeastern Minnesota

Industry Sector Median Wage/Hour
Architecture and Engineering Occupations $38.83/hr
Arts, Design, Entertainment Sports and Media Occupations $24.58/hr
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations $17.95/hr
Business and Financial Operations Occupations $34.82/hr
Construction and Extraction Occupations $29.56/hr
Community and Social Service Occupations $28.75/hr
Computer and Mathematical Occupations $42.65/hr
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations $24.64/hr
Farming, Fishing and Forestry Occupations $18.65/hr
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations $14.24/hr
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations $41.68/hr
Healthcare Support Occupations $18.00/hr
Installation, Maintenance and Repair Occupations $25.43/hr
Legal Occupations $40.10/hr
Life, Physical and Social Science Occupations $37.08/hr
Management Occupations $48.30/hr
Office and Administrative Support Occupations $22.20/hr
Personal Care and Service Occupations $15.98/hr
Production Occupations $20.84/hr
Protective Service Occupations $28.06/hr
Sales and Related Occupations $16.54/hr
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations $19.69/hr
Total (All Occupations) $23.44/hr

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